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Photo Maps: Google Earth Feed

We've added a Google Earth feed (KML) to the Pixagogo Photo Maps label gallery.

With this label feed, Google Earth users can view the photos of that particular label in Google Earth.

Once you've downloaded and installed the Google Earth application, you only have to click on the little Google Earth button and... Google Earth will start-up and it will zoom in on the photos.

Google Earth KML Feed

Do you have Google Earth (download)?  Click on the above button and fly to Rome!

Coming soon... KML feeds on every Photo Map.

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Benvenuto su Pixagogo!

Benvenuto su Pixagogo, ora in Italiano!! Siamo orgogliosi di poter offrire i nostri servizi alle persone di lingua italiana. Speriamo tu possa divertirti nel caricare le tue foto e nel condividerle con famiglia ed amici. E ricorda: puoi provare Pixagogo completamente gratis per 15 giorni!

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RSS feeds update

We upgraded our RSS feeds to full fledged PhotoFeeds!

A PhotoFeed is a RSS 2.0 feed with image enclosures. A photofeed provides a standard and easy way to reference a list of images with a title, a date and a description. It can be used as the input of any program/service that works with images.

If you wonder how to use PhotoFeeds...

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Photo Maps released

Pixagogo Photo Maps is beta released today!  A new free service that allows you share or post your photos on a Google Map.  You do not need a Pixagogo subscription to create a Photo Map... but having a Pixagogo account makes it possible to upload an unlimited number of photos and to create private Photo Maps.

And here is the first Photo Map ever: 

Pixagogo Photo Maps

Thank you TBoneTaxi for your  great photos of San Francisco!

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Coming soon... Photo Maps

Pixagogo Photo Maps will be launched very soon!  I wish I could start sharing some screenshots... Unfortunately, you 'll have to wait for the the official beta release next week.

I can tell you this: Pixagogo Photo Maps will be a cool mixture of Pixagogo Photos, Google Maps and... YOUR WEBSITE or WEBLOG!  And the best part is: it will be absolutely free... you don't even have to register.

Creating a map is be really simple:

  1. choose a title and description,
  2. upload photos,
  3. add labels and geocodes (don't worry Pixagogo will even provide the tools),
  4. create and start sharing your Photo Map

Pixagogo users will be able to create a Photo Map from their existing albums without having to upload their photos!

We will even provide ready made html code: simply copy-paste the code into your web page or blog.

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