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Pixagogo acquires Photoblog!


Pixagogo has acquired Photoblog.net. Photoblog.net is a Photo weblog service that allows you to post photos and let others comment your work.


Photoblog.net is also a neat community tool: you can link to your friend's photo blogs and you can add your skype id, plazes information and many other tools to you profile page.

We are excited to add some of the Photoblog features to the Pixagogo service in the very near future and we welcome the Photoblog users to the Pixagogo community.

Free Photoblog starter accounts are available here.

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photo labeling made easy

We changed / improved  the flow for labeling (a.k.a tagging) your photos.

Select your photos in the timeline or on the album lay-out page and add labels by typing your comma seperated labels in the label box.


Your newly added labels will appear in the "Your Labels" Cloud on the right side of your screen. You can click on one of your labels to show all photos with that particular label.

Photos of Public Gallery albums that are labeled will appear in the label gallery

Suggestions for improvements are always welcomed on the Pixagogo support forum.

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