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Your albums on your website

We're test driving a brand new feature: a small piece of javascript code that you can include in the html of your website:

<script language="javascript" src="http://www.pixagogo.com/tools/albumcontent.aspx?pin=9161305191"></script>

Replace the album pin with the unique number of one of your albums.

This code will display your album in your website with your header and your stylesheets.

You can customize (background, width, description, title, ...) your album in the Pixagogo interface.  All these settings (1 exception: paging) will come through: so if you want a 500 pixels wide album with a black background: simply change your album layout and settings in your Pixagogo studio and voila! your website will display your photos 500 pixels wide and with a black background under your websites headers, footers and sidebars.

Please note that this is a test service subject to improvements and changes.  We will officially release this new feature during the next weeks.

You can find an example here.

Your feedback is much appreciated on the Pixagogo user forum.

November 9, 2005 in New Features | Permalink


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