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Pixagogo API

So you've got this great application or service that you want to build on top of the Pixagogo Platform?  Go to the brand new tools section , request your personale API key and off you go!

Please be aware that this is new to us... we will be making changes over the next weeks and months and you probably shouldn't build mission criticial applications with the Pixagogo API.

Have fun!  Feedback and the results of your hard work are always welcome. Hey, you might even get listed in our tools section and become famous.

The first application is a Pixagogo Screen Saver.   This application allows you to turn one of your albums in to a slide show screen saver.  You can download the Screen Saver from the tools page and edit the screen saver settings from the Windows Display Property window (right click on your desktop, select properties and click on the screen saver tab).

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Photo Maps released

After test driving the Photo Maps service, we've integrated our geotagging service in the standard Pixagogo offering: on the album lay-out page you can select your photos and add geo coordinates to your photos.

It's really simple to create a Photo Map:

  1. Select an album;
  2. Go to the album lay-out page of that album;
  3. Select the photos you want to geo label;
  4. Add geo coordinates (you can find them by clicking on the "find on map" button, browse to the location and hit the "use coordinates" button);
  5. Click on the "view Photo map link".

A small globe will appear under the photos that you've labeled with geo coordinates.

You can turn every Pixagogo photo album in to a Photo Map: you just have to add "maps/" to the album link:

This (http://www.pixagogo.com/2110365858) is a Photo Album of a "Paris Shopping trip".  You want to see a few photos on a photo map of Paris?  Go to this Photo Map (or to this link http://www.pixagogo.com/maps/2110365858).

Click on one of the photos to browse the geo labeled photos on the map.

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