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Photo Maps released

After test driving the Photo Maps service, we've integrated our geotagging service in the standard Pixagogo offering: on the album lay-out page you can select your photos and add geo coordinates to your photos.

It's really simple to create a Photo Map:

  1. Select an album;
  2. Go to the album lay-out page of that album;
  3. Select the photos you want to geo label;
  4. Add geo coordinates (you can find them by clicking on the "find on map" button, browse to the location and hit the "use coordinates" button);
  5. Click on the "view Photo map link".

A small globe will appear under the photos that you've labeled with geo coordinates.

You can turn every Pixagogo photo album in to a Photo Map: you just have to add "maps/" to the album link:

This (http://www.pixagogo.com/2110365858) is a Photo Album of a "Paris Shopping trip".  You want to see a few photos on a photo map of Paris?  Go to this Photo Map (or to this link http://www.pixagogo.com/maps/2110365858).

Click on one of the photos to browse the geo labeled photos on the map.

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