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Telenet acquires Pixagogo

It's official... Telenet has acquired Pixagogo. Telenet is the largest provider of broadband cable services in Belgium, its business comprises the provision of basic and premium cable television, high speed internet and telephony services, primarily to residential customers in Flanders.

With the takeover of Photoblog and Pixagogo, Telenet initially plans to improve its portal site, breedband.telenet.be.

This acquisition will allow Pixagogo to reach a larger audience and we hope to improve the Pixagogo service and add new features such as video sharing in the very near future.

You can read the Telenet Press release on the Telenet website.

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Pixagogo acquires Photoblog!


Pixagogo has acquired Photoblog.net. Photoblog.net is a Photo weblog service that allows you to post photos and let others comment your work.


Photoblog.net is also a neat community tool: you can link to your friend's photo blogs and you can add your skype id, plazes information and many other tools to you profile page.

We are excited to add some of the Photoblog features to the Pixagogo service in the very near future and we welcome the Photoblog users to the Pixagogo community.

Free Photoblog starter accounts are available here.

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RSS feeds update

We upgraded our RSS feeds to full fledged PhotoFeeds!

A PhotoFeed is a RSS 2.0 feed with image enclosures. A photofeed provides a standard and easy way to reference a list of images with a title, a date and a description. It can be used as the input of any program/service that works with images.

If you wonder how to use PhotoFeeds...

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Photo Maps released

Pixagogo Photo Maps is beta released today!  A new free service that allows you share or post your photos on a Google Map.  You do not need a Pixagogo subscription to create a Photo Map... but having a Pixagogo account makes it possible to upload an unlimited number of photos and to create private Photo Maps.

And here is the first Photo Map ever: 

Pixagogo Photo Maps

Thank you TBoneTaxi for your  great photos of San Francisco!

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Coming soon... Photo Maps

Pixagogo Photo Maps will be launched very soon!  I wish I could start sharing some screenshots... Unfortunately, you 'll have to wait for the the official beta release next week.

I can tell you this: Pixagogo Photo Maps will be a cool mixture of Pixagogo Photos, Google Maps and... YOUR WEBSITE or WEBLOG!  And the best part is: it will be absolutely free... you don't even have to register.

Creating a map is be really simple:

  1. choose a title and description,
  2. upload photos,
  3. add labels and geocodes (don't worry Pixagogo will even provide the tools),
  4. create and start sharing your Photo Map

Pixagogo users will be able to create a Photo Map from their existing albums without having to upload their photos!

We will even provide ready made html code: simply copy-paste the code into your web page or blog.

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Pixagogo White Label

Pixagogo is available as a white label service. The entire album and site structure is designed for being rapidly localized, customized, re-branded and separately managed according to the wishes of business customers and partners.

Today, Pixagogo released the Fotobox of "Het Nieuwsblad", one of Belgium's most read newspapers.  The Nieuwsblad Fotobox can be found here.

If you're interested in our whitelabel solution, please send us an e-mail.

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Affiliate Program: 60% commission

We've launched a summer promotion for our affiliates: From now on Pixagogo will pay qualifying affiliates a 60% commission on every sale.  This means 30 USD or 30 Euro on yearly subscriptions originating from your website.  In addition, we will increase your commission with 25% if you send us more than 10 customers on a monthly basis.

If your not yet a Pixagogo Affiliate: Sign Up Now--It's Free!
Our partnership with Commission Junction allows you to sign up right now and start earning commissions today: Click Here to begin!

What are the benefits of becoming a Pixagogo Partner?

  • Join for free - there's no charge to join our Partner Program
  • Offer your visitors a free trial of our state-of-the-art photo sharing service
  • Earn money from your website's traffic
  • Track your success with web-based tracking and reporting

Click Here to begin!

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Pixagogo Partner Program!

Become a Pixagogo Partner and earn up to $30 for each referral!

Sign Up Now--It's Free!
Our partnership with Commission Junction allows you to sign up right now and start earning commissions today: Click Here to begin!

The program is easy to join and easy to set up, and most importantly, it works! Join now and start earning the following commissions:

We offer $20 for every visitor of your site who signs up for a yearly subscription of Pixagogo (that's a 40% commission fee!).

Plus, as soon as you generate more than 100 paying subscriptions you will automatically earn an additional 50% bonus over your base commission for each paying subscription!

We'll pay you a commission for every sale from a visitor who returns within a period of 45-day period from his initial visit. Remember, we offer the new visitors you refer a 14-day free trial of Pixagogo! It's a great deal for you and your visitors.

You can read more detailed information on the Pixagogo Affiliates page.

Join the Pixagogo Partner Program Now!

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Pixagogo Merchandising

Just for fun, we've opened a little Pixagogo merchandising shop at Cafepress recently.  Why not show the world you're Pixagogo and get your custom Pixagogo Mug or T-shirt? They'll be worth money a few years from now!

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A picture is worth a 1.000 words

Welcome to the official Pixagogo News weblog!

It’s always nice to get to know the people that bring you a service like Pixagogo. And of course we like let our photos do the talking.  Take a look at our offices and why not take the time to explore scenic Leuven.

And if you really feel like Sherlock Holmes: look for our “Board of Developers” hidden like an Easter egg somewhere on the HyperTrust website: These guys developed Pixagogo from scratch… reassuring? …not!

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