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New database servers

This morning we have installed our new database servers. To make sure all your data is stored securely we stopped all our services to do this. Please excuse us for the small maintenance window and we hope you enjoy our improved services.

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Pixagogo performance gain

Last weekend Pixagogo underwent a performance boost to give all our members a better user experience. Some of our most loyal users pointed out that they were experiencing some delays when uploading photos. This should be fixed now and we wish to thank all of them for their patience.

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Pixagogo acquires Photoblog!


Pixagogo has acquired Photoblog.net. Photoblog.net is a Photo weblog service that allows you to post photos and let others comment your work.


Photoblog.net is also a neat community tool: you can link to your friend's photo blogs and you can add your skype id, plazes information and many other tools to you profile page.

We are excited to add some of the Photoblog features to the Pixagogo service in the very near future and we welcome the Photoblog users to the Pixagogo community.

Free Photoblog starter accounts are available here.

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Benvenuto su Pixagogo!

Benvenuto su Pixagogo, ora in Italiano!! Siamo orgogliosi di poter offrire i nostri servizi alle persone di lingua italiana. Speriamo tu possa divertirti nel caricare le tue foto e nel condividerle con famiglia ed amici. E ricorda: puoi provare Pixagogo completamente gratis per 15 giorni!

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Coming soon... Photo Maps

Pixagogo Photo Maps will be launched very soon!  I wish I could start sharing some screenshots... Unfortunately, you 'll have to wait for the the official beta release next week.

I can tell you this: Pixagogo Photo Maps will be a cool mixture of Pixagogo Photos, Google Maps and... YOUR WEBSITE or WEBLOG!  And the best part is: it will be absolutely free... you don't even have to register.

Creating a map is be really simple:

  1. choose a title and description,
  2. upload photos,
  3. add labels and geocodes (don't worry Pixagogo will even provide the tools),
  4. create and start sharing your Photo Map

Pixagogo users will be able to create a Photo Map from their existing albums without having to upload their photos!

We will even provide ready made html code: simply copy-paste the code into your web page or blog.

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Order Prints

Order photo prints from any Pixagogo album.  Top quality prints on true photo paper. Top printing provider. Sharp pricing. International shipping.

Anyone can order prints from Pixagogo! Photo Prints by Pixagogo offers the smoothest overall online printing experience in the industry - from the effortless drag & drop uploading of large batches of digital photos, even unattended - to the very quick selection of digital photos and print options. Credit card payments are handled by PayPal and Ogone.

It's simple: if you have an existing Pixagogo account, you can login immediately on the home page. If you do not have a Pixagogo account you can quickly register for free and start ordering prints.

Pixagogo prints are produced by a top digital prints provider. That's why we can offer top quality prints at rock bottom prices!

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Pixagogo on BBC News

BBC News mentions Pixagogo as one of the companies offering web storage for people with digital photo collections in "Web photo storage market hots up".

An interesting quote from Marcus Hawkins, editor of Digital Camera magazine: "The growth area is that you can order your prints online. Friends and family can also access pictures you want them to see and they can print them out too.  Rather than just a place to dump your pictures, it's about sharing them."

Exactly what Pixagogo is all about ;-)

A few days ago Pixagogo was described as the "Rolls Royce of online photo sharing services" in an article of De Standaard, a belgian newspaper.

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Help the people of South Asia!

I'm sure you have heard about the earthquake and tsunamis that have devastated South Asia. Over 125,000 people have died so far and almost 1/3 of these are children.

UNICEF is rushing relief assistance to the countries hardest hit by massive ocean flooding following Sunday’s earthquake, working to meet the urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of people who survived the tsunamis but now need shelter, water, medical supplies and other urgent assistance.

You can easily donate on the UNICEF website.

Thank you for your support!

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Happy Holidays!



We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year from all of us at Pixagogo

Thank you for your support and trust this year and we hope to make Pixagogo an even better experience in 2005!


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Christmas Promotion: 50 Prints for Free!

At Christmas we all take lots of digital photos. With Pixagogo it's easy to store them, neatly sorted in our famous time line or in our elegant online photo albums. Maybe you'll want some of the photos on real photo paper - for framing, giving away, or sticking in a traditional album. If you sign up for a yearly subscription with Pixagogo before January 15, 2005 you'll receive 50 prints for free!

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